Case Analysis

For materials containing unpaired electrons (such as isolated single atom, conductor, magnetic molecule, transition metal ion, rare earth ion, ion cluster, doping material, defect material, biological free radical, metal protein, etc.), different spectral methods are used to analyze the structure of materials and their applications.

  • Food Analysis

    Paramagnetic metal ions and organic radicals in food can be measured by EPR spectroscopy. Metal ions in food come either from the raw starting materials or from contamination with metals from metallic containers or from contamination with metals during food processing. Radicals in food arise from several paths, including irradiation, heating and addition of oxidants. EPR can be used for the evaluation of the food stability and shelf-life.

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  • Beer Analysis

    EPR spectroscopy allows the detection of free radicals in the degradation processes of beer. The understanding of radical processes in beer is a highly relevant topic because free radicals and their follow-up products are responsible for undesirable sensorial and biological effects in beer. EPR200 has high sensitivity to identify and quantify the radicals in beer.

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