Quantum Computer for Education: Help Everyone Understand Quantum Computing
Publish date : 2019/09/26 Views : 646

To create a quantum-smart workforce for the booming quantum industry and make quantum concepts friendly to everybody, CIQTEK released its first educational quantum computing instrument. Diamond quantum computing educational instrument is based on the principle of NV center in diamond and spin magnetic resonance, which controls the physical quantities such as laser, microwave and magnetic field to conduct quantum control and readout of the spin state of NV center, to realize the function of quantum computing. The instrument works at ambient conditions without the need for cryogenic environments, which makes the operating cost of the instrument almost zero. It can demonstrate the basic concepts of quantum computing, includes qubits, quantum logic gates, and quantum algorithms. CIQTEK not only provides the instrument, but also a turnkey solution for the course.  The tabletop design enables it to easily adapt to a variety of teaching environments, such as quantum physics experiment, general quantum computing course and so on.




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