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Diamond quantum computer for education
Diamond quantum computer for education is an instrument based on the spin magnetic resonance of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond. By controlling basic physical quantities such as optics, electricity and magnetism, it implements quantum manipulation and readout of NV center spins, which enables the demonstration of basic concepts of quantum computing, such as qubits, quantum gates and quantum algorithms. The instrument works at ambient conditions, does not need cryogenic environments, which makes the operating cost almost zero. The desktop design makes it easily adapt to classrooms, laboratories and other environments, and carry out quantum mechanics and quantum computing experimental courses.
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Experiment content
Diamond quantum computer for education consists of a microwave module, optical module, power module, control and acquisition module. The rich hardware enables the instrument to support a variety of basic experiments related to quantum computing, as well as the development of more teaching contents such as quantum precise measurement and optically detected magnetic resonance.

Instrument Calibration

Set up and adjust the instrument, get familiar with the principle of optically detected magnetic resonance, NV center, microwave generation and pulse control.


Continuous Wave

Understand NV center qubit by measuring the optically detected magnetic resonance spectrum and get the resonance frequency for spin control.


Rabi Oscillation

The Rabi oscillation of NV center is measured, and get the microwave pulse length corresponding to the quantum logic gate.


Spin Echo

Spin echo is an effective technique used to suppress the coupling between the qubit and the environment, so as to prolong the coherence time.


T2 Measurement

T2 experiment shows the evolution of quantum superposition state and measures the decoherence time of NV center spin.


Dynamical Decoupling

The decoherence time is extended by designing the dynamical decoupling sequence to average out the coupling between the qubit and the environment.


D.J. Algorithm

A two-qubit Deutsch-Jozsa quantum algorithm is realized on the NV center quantum processor.

Curriculum Solutions
Based on the diamond quantum computer for education, we can provide a complete set of solutions related to quantum computing curriculum , including laboratory construction, course handout, lecture video, courseware, demonstration and training, etc.

Lecture Video


Course Handout


Lecture Slides

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Demonstration and Training





NV center in diamond

Laser Power

10 mW

Magnetic Field

30±20 Gauss

Microwave Channel


Time Accuracy

2 ns

Pulse Generator Channel



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