QDAFM is a quantum precision measurement instrument based on NV color center and AFM scanning imaging technology. Through the quantum manipulation and readout of the spin of the luminescent defect in the center of the nitrogen vacancy (NV) in diamonds, the quantitative and nondestructive imaging of the magnetic properties can be realized. It has high spatial resolution at nanometer level and super high detection sensitivity of a single spin. It is a new technology for the development and research of high-density magnetic storage, spin electronics, quantum technology applications, etc.


Diamond II

Quantum Diamond single spin spectrometer is a quantum experimental platform based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center spin magnetic resonance. By controlling basic physical quanti- ties such as optics, electricity, and magnetism, it implements quantum manipulation and readout of NV center in diamond.Compared with traditional paramagnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance, it has the unique advantages of quantum pure state as an initial state, long spin quantum coherence time, powerful quantum manipulation ability, and intuitive experimental results of quantum collapse measurement.

Diamond II

Pulsed Fiber Laser

GYPFL series is a nanosecond pulsed fiber laser independently developed by Guoyi quantum, which has "continuous" and "pulse" modes, adjustable power and high stability. The product is compact in design, small in size, and can be easily integrated into the customer's system. These lasers are widely used in quantum measurement, microelectronics, medical equipment and other fields.

Pulsed Fiber Laser

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