Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG4100 instrument is a high-performance arbitrary waveform generator with multiple channels. AWG4100 has four independent single-ended waveform output channels, with up to 1.2 GSa/s sampling rate and 16 bit vertical resolution. Combined with flexible user-defined waveform editing and sequence playback functions by programming up to 512 MSa waveform storage per channel, it can easily handle with the com- plex waveform in many different scenarios.


Temperature Controller

The GYTC100 is a dual channel high precision temperature controller with both cooling and heating. The instrument is equipped with PID, two sensor data input channels and two output channels. With the desktop software, real-time temperature and output power monitoring, setting the target temperature and changing PID parameters will be an very easy and convenient. With four wire measuring circuit, the GYTC100 can a temperature control accuracy within ±10mK, making it a perfect instrument for variable applications.


Control&Readout System

The Control & Read-out System features an arbitrary sequence generator (ASG), an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), a data acquisition submodule (DAQ) and a time-to-digital converter (TDC). Customization is also open for some customers who want a device with features they interest.


Arbitrary Sequence Generator

The ASG-GT50-C is a high performance pulse/delay generators with 8 independent pulse output channels. The dynamic range of a single pulse is 7.5ns to 2.6s, which is no dead time with 50ps resolution.


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